Celebrating 33 years in business!

Intelligent data management solutions for the modern web.

Firms large and small choose ICC for their data management software.

Data automation, powered by automation.

ICC's intelligent platform writes software for the developer, not the other way around.

Increase speed to deployment by 500%.

We write less code. We get you there faster. Our intelligent platform write the rest.

Lots of functionality with less 🐛🐜.

Our platforms create clean and consistent APIs, queries, and even UIs with less bugs than traditional software development practices.

Apps that document themselves.

Only a platform that is written by a machine can produce such consistency so that it can even document its own APIs.

Orderwave - ICC's Flagship.

Orderwave is more than an OMS - It's Ecommerce Middleware.

The world's only Ecommerce Middleware that makes other OMS platforms seem quaint.

Orderwave gives you absolute automation and customization.

Deep insights into D2C data.

Orders, inventory, payments — we've got it all. Build dashboards, reports, and alerts that give you unprecedented data-rich views.

We have the integrations that count.

First party integrations that you need, and the APIs to handle the rest.

Your business rules in a few clicks.

Our rules-engine lets you craft the perfect workflows for ecommerce data. Find, fix, queue, tag and a lot more, with a powerful rules engine.